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Moving Tips From The Pros....

"We Move Your Life Safely & Securely"

Helpful Hints For A Careful And Sufficient Move

The following suggestions will ensure your move is facilitated as efficiently as possible. Please review this document to help prevent unnecessary delays and ensure an effective and efficient relocation. 


LAMPS: Shades & Bases should be packed in individual boxes. If the customer chooses that the lamps not be boxed, he/she is waiving the responsibility of GSM in transportation. 


MIRRORS, PICTURES, ELECTRONICS, GLASS & MARBLE: These items should be placed into individual boxes. Smaller pictures can be wrapped individually and lined vertical in a box. It is important to pack these fragile items properly. 


ELECTRONICS PROXIMATE CAUSE: In the event electronics have not been physically damaged during transport, GSM is not liable for said items. At the request of the customer, a crew member can place electronics in a customer’s personal vehicle. 


BOXES: All Boxes MUST be securely taped at both the top and the bottom. The boxes should be identified as to where you would like the items delivered in the NEW location, not where they are currently stored. Do your best to consolidate smaller boxes. The less trips our crew members have to take, the less time the movers will be at your home. 


FLAMMABLES: No flammables are permitted on the trucks. (e.g. paints, thinners, aerosol cans, barbecue tanks, etc.) Do not pack liquids that could leak or possibly spill onto other items. 


DRESSER CONTENTS: Reasonably packed clothing ONLY may remain in drawers. Do not leave money, jewelry, or other high valued documents to be moved by movers. They are not covered by insurance and it is the customers responsibility. You also need to empty all desk 

drawers, night stands and coffee & end tables. Oversized dressers (Triples & Armoires) MUST be emptied to move. 


ESTIMATES: If you were provided an hourly rate, please notify a GSM member if circumstances regarding your move have changed. Any significant changes will adversely affect the original estimate. 


DEPARTURE FROM YOUR RESIDENCE: It is the customer's responsibility after loading, to do a complete walk-through to make sure all articles to be moved are on the truck before the truck departs for the next stop. It is also the customer's responsibility to walk through at the final destination to make sure everything has been put in the correct rooms and fully reassembled by the movers before they depart. 


**TRAVEL TIME**: Garden State Moving provides hourly rates. The time starts when the moving crew arrives at your home. After completing the load, the crew will travel to the delivery location and unload accordingly. The ending time shall include the travel time

incurred back to the original destination. If there is any confusion about this, please email a representative of the company. 


ELECTRICAL WIRING: When disassembling wall units containing electrical wiring, the movers may assist in disconnecting. However, we will not be responsible for reconnecting. 


COPIERS: It is the customer's responsibility to remove all toners/fluids prior to having any size copier moved by the movers. The movers will not be responsible for spillage. 


GRANDFATHER/GRANDMOTHER CLOCKS: It is the customer's responsibility to remove weights, pendulums and all keys from Grandfather & Grandmother clocks. Hanging chains must also be secured by the customer. 


PLANTS: GSM is not responsible for leaves or branches. It is the customer's responsibility to prepare plants/trees for moving. 


COMPLETION OF JOB: Prior to the bill, the customer has the right to VIEW the interior of the truck / trucks utilized during their move. We suggest and recommend asking your foreman for this prior to the removal of trucks. Our objective is to ensure customer satisfaction by having complete certainty that the truck has been emptied prior to the crew’s departure.



**Available for purchase through Garden State, will drop off prior or bring on day of move.**

Save time and money or leave it all up to us!

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